I hope to make this very brief and would be unapologetic about it.

If you think I haven’t been fair in my judgement, confront me and we would compare facts.

I finally had to comment on the passage of a very rare creation of God, an exemplary father and humble achiever, Mr. Olusegun Osiboye.

Mr. Osiboye was my Principal in Mayflower School, Ikenne and for all that could be counted as a disciplined me, he takes a huge credit. I am one of very many who would say this about me; every word would be genuine because he was fearless in his pursuit to instil discipline.

He was committed to seeing us grow into not just successful but responsible men and women. This and many more, I am confident he achieved before his very peaceful but shocking passage.

Mr. Osiboye was excessively exemplary; he was extremely committed to the visions and beliefs that established Mayflower School. He would at any time pass for the founder of the school. I can’t remember any one time Late Dr. Tai Solarin queried his decisions, he was always on point.

He led a generation of students from mere knowledge seekers to becoming most sought after brains in the whole of the country and beyond. He taught us the basics up to how to walk smart and the need to be at the right place at the right time doing the right thing. He was as just as far as the human nature would permit.

I can remember he once openly had his daughter flogged in full glare of all students for leaving home late; he would do this to anyone!

With the success level he reached while serving as the principal of Mayflower School, it amounts to nothing but unpardonable injustice to have had him succeeded by Mrs. Morafa!!! She was just the opposite of all the good he represented. She practically undid everything he did right but one thing would remain; the character and quality of students he churned out as principal.

She recreated another Mayflower as we have today; a Mayflower that would not compare anywhere close to what we had with Mr. Osiboye. But for the fact that I know too well that Mr. Osiboye had no power in choosing who becomes the principal after him, I would have said this is the only thing he failed at. Woefully at that!

Come to think of it, would the Osiboye we all passed through have chosen Mrs. Morafa in the real sense had he the chance??? Hell No!

That man sees and smells diligence. He understood perfectly the founding principles of the school and would’ve seen Morafa had nothing close to defending and upholding same.

Now that he is gone, the injustice has been sealed and signed off. Osiboye would never have a chance to do anything about the decay but we can!

We can undo the rot because we are the students of Osiboye. We understand the principles he taught and the belief system he built around us.

We wouldn’t have done enough to mourn and write sweet words about him but fight hard to be part of the building process.

Each day, understanding that the chair Mr. Osiboye sat on, the table he wrote on, the bed he slept on and the building he occupied was ever shared by Mrs. Morafa embitters my heart.

Like I said, I am not apologetic about this.

For the good men who are no more, God bless the dead.

RIP, Mr. Olusegun LEGEND Osiboye

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  1. Abiodun Surajudeen Oseni

    February 8, 2014 — 3:58 pm

    Dipo y not apply to be columnist in one of our newspapers.

  2. Late Mr Segun Osiboye was exactly the same person you described above when he was a teacher at Ijebu Ode Grammar School when l was a Student there between 1973 & 1977..
    May his soul continue to rest in perfect peace

  3. This is touching and right actually, I know him just better, I’m his first grandchild, basically in tears reading this , adios, grandpa… He was just more than the word service, he’s exemplary…
    I believe and I know that there are people taking on his mantle.

  4. Mr Osiboye was indeed a rare man. He had integrity, morality, commitment and wisdom. I miss him so much. Masy he Rest in peace. I am saddened to hear that he was replaced with his exact opposite. Because to be the opposite of Mr Osiboye is to be completely useless and immoral.

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