Thanks once again for visiting.

This is some kind of autobiography, and I must confess right away that I am not good at it.

I am a Chemical Engineering graduate of the Prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

OAU, Ife seem to be a shorter way of saying it. We actually call it Great Ife!!!.

The Ife days would remain a special phase in my Life. Very special. If you want to know about that, we can always find time to talk about it.

You can always ask what exactly about me you want to know and then I promise to not only get back to you but also update my site to carry such information. This may be the best way of keeping the site fresh. I am not considering introducing an FAQ page. Everything comes here. I may however consider a ‘Hot Gist’ page if I think there are issues needing quick clarifications.

There are a million and one things about me that so many people do not understand nor know about. Most of the information you are likely to have got are mere hearsay and fabrication. Take this bold step; ASK!.

This might be an opportunity for you and I to get things clearer and build a better understanding of how to relate.

Another interesting thing about me is what I do; like I said earlier I am a Chemical Engineer by training but my work experience has taken me through different sphere with almost nothing having to do with Chemical Engineering. I have worked as an Information System intern with Nigeria Bottling Company, Enugu, software developer with TimbaObjects; my stuff is python programming.

I have also served as a Special Adviser on Information Technology to the Lagos State Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs and  then moved to VentureGardenGroup as a Business Development Executive.

Now, I am a Software Engineer.

Software Development is fast becoming my passion and I am now dedicating my life to it. I want to be where impact is real and measurable and not just jumping around.

I am also currently trying to build my capacity in certain areas. Couple of certifications are on the way. That’s about all. As long as what we are talking about is IT, there’s always a thing to pick.

What else?

OK, I was born on 21st April, 1981. This is for those who would consider sending gifts and prayers on that day.

Oh YES! this is my age, it has always been another point of debate. It is truly my age. Nothing official.

Enjoy the remaining part of your time on my Page. If you want a quick response, Contact Me right away…