Ok, this obviously doesn’t sound like me; yes! I am just learning it too and its application seem to be working like magic.

Much as it appears my blog is dedicated to politics and all sort, I feel it is just cool to have this kind of discussions once in a while.

I don’t have any particular story to tell but truly, I am certain patience is always a virtue in the final analysis.

I have reviewed some of my actions, especially the ones I took without exercising ‘enough’ patience and I have come to see how better I would have become had I allowed some more time before lashing out.

It also doesn’t mean I have totally imbibed this virtue, I am actually still learning to and really excited at the results so far.

Most of these issues come from your interactions with your colleagues in the office, your friends, family members, your spouse (especially) and say fellow road users if you drive. You do one thing and the next minute you ask yourself why. Why didn’t you just wait and let your nerves settle?

For me, it doesn’t make us outright bad people, it just means we have more to learn in dealing with issues of life.

This is also not to say you can’t get angry but that your best shot at any given issue would most likely not be when you are angry.

There is always a need to settle down, play the scenario again and again until you can see what has happened from another person’s point of view.

I hope to come back to edit this article or write another one as I progress in my new patience lesson.

While that is coming, I want you to know that there never can be too much of it except you haven’t exercised enough.

Take it easy people.

Got to run!


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