Dear Sir,

Let me start by congratulating you on this very well deserved victory.

It is indeed well deserved considering your persistent efforts to help save this country from the brink of collapse. It also is because vast majority of the support and subsequent votes you got were as a result of the very amiable credentials you have built for yourself over the years.

Congratulations once again.

Mr. President-Elect, this victory is a covenant between you and the good people of Nigeria who have rose beyond the barriers of ethnicity and religion. The Nigerians who truly believe the best of us as a people is dependent on our ability to remain a nation blessed with diverse cultures and beliefs. They are the very Nigerians who have refused to be hoodwinked by unfounded stories and distorted historical facts. These are the true Nigerians who have defied all the threats and harsh weather to ensure you emerge as the next President of this country.

Now that we have done our bit, may I appeal that you stick to your promises and please, do not disappoint us.GMB

While I am not disillusioned to believe a mere wave of a magic wand would undo the damages this country has suffered since the establishment of democracy most especially in the last 6 years, I would expect that you assume office with a pragmatic blue-print of how to get started immediately. We have read and digested your manifesto, now we are ready to see you implement.

This is not going to be a tea party. It is going to take a lot of hard work and a dedicate team built shared belief, past records of excellence and trust.

By this performance at the polls, we have been able to after a very long time in the history of our dear country drive home a salient point; in the hands of the Nigerian people lies power.

This power is what we have decided to pass over to you not because you are a Muslim, not because you are Hausa and not because you belong to a particular political party. It is also not because you are the best man to lead this redemption; this, you have to prove. It is simply because with your past records and the seeming will you have to drive change.

We have not canvassed or voted in return for appointments or contracts; neither have we remained resolute in your emergence for the gains of popularity. All we want is a country we can be proud of, a country that guarantees and protects fundamental human rights, a country where corruption and stealing are treated alike and placed where they belong, a country that rewards hard work and uphold moral values, a country with her territorial integrity intact, a country with her armed forces properly staffed, equipped and her officers well motivated. We want a country where our children can go to school without the fears of abduction or reckless killing.

Sir, all we want is our Nigeria. Do this, and we can take your achievements to the bank.

Let me also remind you Sir, with this victory, you are the Nigerian President and without an iota of doubt in my mind, I am sure you can manage the responsibility of this office as it affects your thinking, speeches and actions. We are in a hurry to put behind us the era of presidential blunders and reckless speeches emanating from the pinnacle of power.

While I agree this is a democracy, Mr President-Elect, please do not spare the rod. Empower all anti-graft outfits and let them be at their best. Separate powers and let every arm function to its fullest. The very few Nigerians who have appropriated our commonwealth should be tried, have our monies retrieved and be placed where they belong. Do not in the name of democracy overlook their greed nor should you in the name of fighting corruption witch hunt. Do what is right and what the rule of law allows and we shall always march solidly behind you as we have done with our votes.

We are in a rush to compete healthily with our countries and reclaim our position as the true giant of Africa. We are in a rush to have the integrity of our green passport restored.

We are in a rush to put behind us the very expensive government known with Nigeria. If you still spend trillions on security without glaring improvement, if you continue with the million dollar lunch in Aso Rock, if your ministers continue to buy bullet-proof cars without recourse to due diligence, if they continue to rent private jets for billions of naira, if monies from our NNPC account continue to angrily walk away to unknown destinations, you would have proven us wrong, betrayed our trust and be nothing but a greater evil. These are areas that should be immediately looked into getting started.

Yes, we are in a rush to have functional ivory towers with improved facilities. We are in a rush to return to days when our refineries were fully functional and our steel mills alive. We are in a rush to have our roads fixed and other basic amenities provided for our use. We can’t wait to have our Nigeria back.

Sir, you can rest assured Nigerians will give you enough time to straighten the crooked path to true governance but we hope you will hit the road running. Do not forget, your emergence comes to us as the much anticipated salvation any human gathering can expect from our worldly government.

We hope and want to have a different feel as from May 30. We want to a feel of the true fresh air, we want to be led by you and we shall follow with pride.

Let it be on record Sir, that we will understand when you make genuine mistakes; this office will not override your right as a mortal. We will however be quick to condemn and fight back when you cross the line or disrespect the provisions of the constitution. We will hold you responsible first for the mistakes of your lieutenants; so, be very mindful of who works with you. We will take your words on the merits of their face values and be at our best as your followers.

Mr. President, please lead from the front and we have your back.


God Bless Nigeria.

Elegbede Muhammed HemHem

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  1. Very well captured, Dipo. We are anxious, we are in a rush, we want to see the changes ASAP. We want to see power generated by the nation and not individually as we do now. We want our industries up and running, we believe employment will come when our industries, our refineries and our institutions work and work efficiently.

    We have defied ethnicity and religious differences to bring him in…..hence we want no excuse and bias.

    Restore hope, security and pride to the nation.

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