I really can’t place my finger on your opinion about the timing of this piece. It’s not Mothers’ Day and i still haven’t lost my mum.
My life as a young man hussling on the street to make ends meet has afforded me the opportunities to see things for myself. I have always shared the view that those who limit themselves to core western curriculum without a peck of street sense are not likely to appreciate life in its glory.
I have a mother i grew up to not only like as a matter of mother and child bond but also as dictated by the tenets of Islam.
For every of her actions up to the ones i at times feel unsatisfied about, I have come to agree that my mother truly deserves my love, care and utmost respect without feeling shortchanged by the religious decree.
My sojourn has however given me reasons to think otherwise about some mothers and i keep asking myself this question, DO THESE MOTHERS DESERVE ANY SUCH THING LIKE LOVE OR RESPECT? I beg to be corrected as something tells me the Quran must have made adequate provisions for this confusion. Nothing can be worse in the face of SHRIK!
I have seen adulterous mothers, bleaching mothers, alcoholics and the most recent is a MARIJUANA smoking mother. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth calling these elements Mother if my mama is also referred to as Mother.
To make the case simpler, i’d call mine SUPER MOTHER! If your mother, living or dead is so special to you, call her that as well.
God bless my SUPER MOTHER!

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