Another year starting with lots of thanks and praises to the Giver of Life. The Protector of the Heavens and Earths. The All Knowing, the most Gracious, The Most Merciful.
It is another crucial period of stock taking. Appraisals and reappraisals. Where I was, where I am and where I hope to be if Allah wills.
This past year, like other years, had its own ups and downs, its life lessons, the many understandings of how delicate a gift life is and how it is about the only ticket with which I can secure the Blessings and Guidance of Allah in preparation for my final abode.

I am growing up and I am more become conscious of the reality of life’s brevity. It used to be easy to mouth but now I feel it. I feel the pressure of the race against time not about making the Forbes list but raking up acts and deeds that may one day buy me comfort in my grave and entrance to Allah’s paradise.I am beginning to understand more how not to measure life by gains but by losses, to not measure by the wealth accrued but by the lives touched, not by the wine drunk but by the wine poured forth, not by the accolades of the amazed but moving crowd but by the pleasure sought of my Creator.
I have come to understand that the friendliest of people around you are not necessarily of the best intentions, that my perspective is not necessarily the most correct, that crying is not a sign of weakness, that laughing is not a sign of contentment, that saying sorry when you are wrong is by far a sign of maturity,that standing for what is true alone is not bad afterall, that verily the life of this world I live is but a phase; it shall pass and I shall at some point be referenced in the past tense and that I have not lost a thing until I lose my relationship with my Creator and fall short of His Rahma.
I now see what it means to have goals and hit the milestones, what it means to lose it all and start afresh, what it means to be trusted, what it means to be betrayed, what it means to hope, what it means to love and be loved. What it means to look up to someone and be looked up to. What it means to seek answers and to give answers. What it means to be favoured and favour. What it means to be someone’s answered prayer. What it means to be responsible for something and give accounts.
I am in all of these extremely grateful for the gift of life and the many opportunities life has afforded me. I still have goals I have not attained and I am not by any means stopping but I am now conscious to not beat myself too hard for where I am today is not by my might but grace.
I will continue to strive, learn, improve and seek the face of the Almighty for this is about the best I can do for myself. I will start afresh and take it a day at a time. I will be bold in my hope and deliberate in my actions. I will take responsibilities, I will love, I will laugh and above all, I will be happy.

At a time like this, when the whole world is held by the jugular by a virus, it is only reasonable to be thankful and appreciate the fragility of life and the extent to which the knowledge we brag about will take us. It is a moment to absorb the indisputable fact that there is a Supreme Being in whose Hands is the fate of mankind.

I also would take this time to personally thank the frontliners; doctors, nurses, carers and paramedics, truck drivers, security formations, grocery workers, cleaners and the many workers who leave their houses everyday knowing the risks involved to help attand to our needs and combat the ravaging effect of the Corona Virus, COVID-19.

For you all, who have in many ways helped shape my life to what it is now, I say thank you and I look forward to another opportunity as Allah permits.

Just to be clear, it is my birthday and I have my eyes on the laurel.

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