Since the landslide victory in most parts of the country of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the recently concluded general elections, the mood of the nation has changed from hitherto politics of mudslinging and besmear; Majority of Nigerians now eagerly look forward to reap from the party’s promised CHANGE that is expected to reposition the country after sixteen years of exploitation and rape of our collective legacy by the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

However, the lucre of office sharing along geo-political zones, rather than overall national interest, is goading some rapacious elements within the APC to stop at nothing to bring down the house. They have contacted their agents in newspaper houses and faceless agents on the social media to circulate concocted teaspoonful of lies against Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Asiwaju of Lagos state. The game of such criminal propaganda is not new but Nigerians should be alerted in earnest to discountenance the cheap blackmail of those unscrupulous internal agents that are out to score cheap political points that they do not deserve at the expense of the hard working national leader of APC.

These smear campaigns have not worked in the past and it would not start working now. Some individuals have decided to peddle another round of rumours to albeit, erroneously tarnish the image of the national leader of Bola Tinubu. This writer’s study of past baloney against Tinubu has shown that the more the gibberish against the man, the more his profile soars. In the end, on most instances, the futility of time and resources of the brains behind such retrogressive plots get smashed beyond any meaningful coupling.

The story’s testing waters emanated from ThisDay newspaper only to be accorded convoluted propaganda covertly by disgruntled elements within and outside the party over who exerts more influence in the in-coming government. They have shamelessly resorted to play unfruitful gutter politics, once again.

These agents of chaos in the party may think they are not known but the faces behind their masquerades have been unraveled. Surprisingly amongst these ungrateful elements are a serving governor from the southwest and another former governor in the southwest. Others are a former governor from the North Central and a current senator. Yet these were the same elements who were previously unknown before but rode to power on same Tinubu platform. These elements are losers who believe the ongoing political permutations towards constituting the next government both executive and legislative to work with President-elect Muhammadu Buhari is slipping off their fingers and would do anything to distract the ongoing process.

The actions of these agents of chaos have become the routine pattern of desperate politicians whose only concern have always been self rather that that of the generality of the people. They tried futilely to besmear Tinubu during the last national convention of the party in Abuja and amongst others in deciding party leadership posts, choice of gubernatorial candidate in Lagos state and, the choice of running mate for the president-elect. So the current mudslinging does not come across as a mere coincidence but usual frantic reactions to legitimate processes by power mongers and immature political jobbers.

In the last 20 years, Sen. Bola Tinubu has not only been elected the executive governor of Lagos state for eight straight years, he has since then remained at the fore front of the drive to wrestle power at the centre for the progressives; a feat hitherto considered herculean. He has also been brought before a code of conduct tribunal on thumped up charges and the same system heavily manipulated by the ruling class found nothing tangible against him; he was there and then discharged and cleared. The arsenal of propaganda of the enemies against Tinubu fell like a pack of cards.

The hack writer on the social media even admitted that there are no evidence that Tinubu was ever indicted; none at all. In the United States credited for being one of the world leading economies with very high tolerance for freedom of information, it would amount to outright balderdash to claim such documents needed to drive home these cheap points are not in existence. How and why should such a writer be taken seriously?

The trend of the article in its entirety shows the mix plot to drag other individuals into the murky waters and try to paint all individual brown to give them the same tag. Tinubu in the last 20 years has made over twenty trips to the United States which should have served as an opportunity for the US government to apprehend him if these allegations were ever true. On the flip side, let Buruji Kashamu of PDP make just a trip to the US if only to prove his innocence on the weighty allegations hanging on his neck.

But for the sake of innocent Nigerians who would seek clarifications, this response in the real sense would have been considered needless. Responding to such phantom story may not be necessary in future

It is not in my place to ask you to disregard these faceless individuals; the facts are there right in the so-called article. Read through if you have the time to spare and ask yourself some real questions. After all, the onus of proof is on the claimant.

For the APC, the party cannot afford to be drawn into cheap denigration of one of its most illustrious leaders by some arrogant and selfish political masquerades within its fold.

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